About Lodge

Building MONALISA LODGE, at the gateway of this Temple city will receive you with cordial warmth hospitality. This lodge was established in the year of 1994, since its establishment, this lodge earns its fame for their sincere service, sweet behaves, cleanliness and peaceful environment with homely atmosphere.

This lodge provides accommodation with 27 rooms of six categories- Economy, Standard, Semi Delux, Delux, A/C with different bed capacity single bed to 5 beds.

It's attached hotel cum restaurant promise you to serve delicious dishes with Chinese and Bengali food (Specially POSTOBORA, and CHICKEN PAKORA).

At the entrance of College Road (2km from Bishnupur Railway Station and half km from Bus Stand) near to BANK OF INDIA, L.I.C, and NCC office and at a stone though distance from 1st visiting spot (RASHMANCHA).

Attraction of Bishnupur

If you have interest on history or ancient culture and civilization or you are fond of nature and like to enjoy its stillness or you have keen interest on classical music, folk culture and songs like TUSHU, BHADU, JHUMUR, KHEUR, BAUL, KIRTAN, KRISHNALILLA, etc. or you have propensity towards religion and have Devine love on Lord Krishna, step up to Bishnupur (Gupta Brindabon) and stay for a few days, you will collect the memorable jewels of your life. Moreover, if you are an imaginative person and like fantasy, take your seat on the bank of Lalbandh (A lake on the memory of Lalbai- an eminent dancer come singer of the then time) with your embraced eye in the moonlit night, you will feel thrilling with the whispering music with jingle of bells as Lalbai is dancing nearby and sometimes, you will also hear the lamenting request to save her and her only beloved child, you can't control yourself and shed tears with sorrow.